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Second Chance For Your Old Signs?

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. We hear the mantra all the time. If you have kids that watch the Disney channel you might have a catchy tune come to your head.

Many of us are trying to do our part to make better environmental decisions. I want to talk about how that can translate to signs. The great thing about reusing signs is that it translates to more than a warm fuzzy feeling that you saved one last thing from going to the land fill. It means that you actually save a few bucks in the process.

Now if your sign looks like this one, you will need a new sign. We can do some great work, but we aren’t magicians.

Things like coroplast and other cheap sign materials aren’t worth saving, but signs made from aluminum, acrylic or other long lasting materials might have a chance.

  • Regardless of the letters fading etc, the overall sign is not dented or rusted
  • The Current Graphics can be removed
  • If it is Acrylic, there is no yellowing

Many times there’s a better chance of reusing a sign face if the new design has vinyl that covers most of the sign face. That way if there is any fading or discoloration it will be covered up.

Other ways to save money is in reusing sign frames. Sometimes the faces are beyond repair, but the frames they come in cost a pretty penny in and of themselves. Many time with a fresh coat of paint, sign frames can look like new.

Ultimately we need to come out and verify if the signs you have can be refurbished.

If you think your sign frame or faces can be reused, gives us a call. Signs and Ship will take a look and let you know if they can be freshened up.

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